Executive Committee and Subgroups

Executive Committee

The principal goal of the European Subsea Cables Association Executive Committee is to be the main focal point for the promotion of safeguarding submarine cables from man-made and natural hazards. The Executive Committee shall also keep abreast of new developments (technological, regulatory and legal) which may enhance or benefit the use of submarine cables. The Executive Committee may recommend the formation of European Subsea Cables Association sub-groups to act as subject matter experts in particular fields of interest.

Maritime Subgroup (MSG)

The purpose of the MSG is to be the main focal point for marine liaison within the European Subsea Cables Association, with its objectives being to:

  • liaise with the fishing industry; and be the focal point for fishery issues in the European Subsea Cables Association;
  • be the European Subsea Cables Association's liaison with the Kingfisher Information Service  Cable Awareness Project (KIS-ORCA Project);
  • liaise with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and Marine Accident Investigation Branch; and
  • liaise with other offshore operators and organizations, including but not limited to oil and gas, offshore renewables and ports and shipping.

Technical and Regulatory Subgroup (TRSG)

The purpose of the TRSG is to provide technical and operational guidance to the membership of the European Subsea Cables Association and be the main focal point within the European Subsea Cables Association for all matters pertaining to the Committees relationship with regulatory authorities. The objectives of the TRSG are to undertake the following activities:

  • manage special technical projects;
  • compile technical papers and/or assess technical papers supplied by European Subsea Cables Association members;
  • provide an ad-hoc technical and regulatory advisory service;
  • attend appropriate technical or regulatory fora on behalf of European Subsea Cables Association and report back;
  • maintain relevant European Subsea Cables Association technical or regulatory guidelines;
  • liaise and hold periodic meetings with other relevant technical or regulatory groups and organisations;
  • monitor and advise on future trends in regard to the joint use of the seabed;
  • monitor the general regulatory position in the UK and EC and advise on any issues that have a direct impact on consents, wayleaves, licences, easements, permits or other authorisations for future and current international and national submarine cable systems in UK tidal waters and land;
  • where appropriate, recommend, agree and maintain common standards or policies with parties that have an interest in UK tidal waters and land; for the avoidance of doubt, no member is bound in any way by the terms of such standards and policies;
  • liaise with the relevant government departments and agencies in representing European Subsea Cables Association's interests;
  • support and liaise with other sub-groups of European Subsea Cables Association in dealing with matters that have in part a technical or regulatory content.

Renewables and Power Cables Subgroup (RPSG)

The purpose of the RPSG is to provide technical guidance to European Subsea Cables Association members, on topics associated with the installation & operation of submarine power cables. The objectives of the RPSG shall include but not be limited to:

  • To better integrate the commonality of the growing renewables and power cables sectors into European Subsea Cables Association.
  • To raise awareness, guidelines and working practices in the renewables and power cables sectors.
  • To build on cross-sector working and the integration of relevant organisations.
  • Safety  Provide guidance on aspects of safety concerning the installation and operation of existing and planned submarine power cable systems , relevant to other members, and other stakeholders such as other seabed users, marine operators etc.
  • European Subsea Cables Association Guidelines  To develop and agree best industry practice and other guidelines which may assist the European Subsea Cables Association in meeting its objectives of improving safety and supporting Best Industry Practice as applicable to Submarine Cables and other developments.
  • To maintain Guidelines and Recommendations previously generated by this sub-group or as required by EC.
  • Collaborative working relationships  To support and develop collaborative working relationships between submarine cable owners and other relevant stakeholders, seabed users and consultees.
  • Commercial  Discussion of generic commercial principals and views only. The RPSG will NOT engage in any specific commercial issues, detail of individual circumstances or cable systems, or disputes or otherwise between individual owners, developers or other members.
  • Support bilateral alignment of European Subsea Cables Association reports, recommendations and guidelines with other relevant associated organisations.
  • Alignment with Other Offshore Operators  Support liaison activities with other Offshore Operators and organisations, to help develop common Guidelines that improve Safety & best Industry working practices.
  • Consult with Regulatory and other relevant stakeholders to ensure good governance in accordance with UK & European legislation.

Regional Subgroups (reporting to the above Subgroups)

UK, CI & RoI Subgroup Scope of Subgroup to be included in due course

Northern European Subgroup Scope of Subgroup to be included in due course

Southern European Subgroup Scope of Subgroup to be included in due course

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